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Fine-tuned Canines, LLC
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FINE-TUNED CANINES, LLC - Naples Florida and Fort Myers Florida dog training & dog psychology
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FINE-TUNED CANINES: Naples Florida Dog Training and Canine Behavior/Dog Psychology Counseling Services - serving Collier County (Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Florida) and Lee County (Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Florida) Naples Florida professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Collier County dog trainer and dog behaviorist
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FAQ - Florida dog training and dog behavior > Behavioral modification services > What is the difference between training services and behavioral modification services?

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Great question!

Training services are related to teaching a dog new behaviors or fine-tuning and practicing the behaviors and skills a dog needs to work on and improve. We offer dog training in various areas: obedience, elements of agility, trick training, canine freestyle (dog dancing), etc.

Our role here is that of a teacher, facilitator, mentor, coach and instructor.

Examples of training services: teaching a dog certain obedience commands (like "sit", "stay", "fetch" , etc.), agility elements (jumping over obstacles, weaving through weave poles, etc.) various tricks, or dance elements.

Behavioral modification services are related to changing/modifying a dog's behavior. Many times behavioral problems that dogs experience cannot be solved simply by taking a dog to dog training, but must be addressed by going to the very root of the problem. Behavioral modification involves "rewiring" a dog's psychology to help the dog to get back into a natural state of balance.

Examples of behavioral modification and/or behavioral counseling services: treating psychological issues in dogs such as fears and phobias (for example:thunderstorm phobia), separation anxiety, submissive urination, etc.

In these situations our role could be likened to that of a counselor, psychologist, therapist who deals with canine behavioral issues and canine psychology. 

Many times training and behavior modification go hand in hand and out personalized services are always tailored to each individual situation.