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FINE-TUNED CANINES, LLC - Naples Florida and Fort Myers Florida dog training & dog psychology
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FINE-TUNED CANINES: Naples Florida Dog Training and Canine Behavior/Dog Psychology Counseling Services - serving Collier County (Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Florida) and Lee County (Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Florida) Naples Florida professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Collier County dog trainer and dog behaviorist
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Swimming Training for Dogs & Building Confidence in the Water

Naples Florida dog swimming training program

Swimming Training program is available only to FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train canine students and graduates


Swimming Training for Dogs & Building Confidence in the Water program at FINE-TUNED CANINES in Naples, Florida is for you:

  • if you would like for your dog to learn how to swim
  • if you would like for your dog to be more confident in the water
  • if you would like for your dog to overcome the fear of water/swimming pool (perhaps your dog had a bad experience about it in the past and now refuses to get in the pool...)
  • if you would like for your dog to develop better strength and coordination
  • if you would like for your dog to experience proper socialization with our personal dogs that are excellent and very confident swimmers
  • if you would like for your dog to get in shape
  • if you would like your dog to learn proper manners in the swimming pool area
  • if you would like for your dog to practice lots of obedience skills in the water while having fun
  • if you would like to add another fun activity that you and your family can share with your dog at home
  • if you would like to add another great exercise option that you can practice with your dog when it is so hot and humid
  • if your dog suffers from some anxieties, and would like for the dog to become more emotionally balanced in general; we find that swimming often has a calming and relaxing effect and helps a dog to learn better ways to cope with its anxieties
  • if you would like for your dog to enjoy the swimming pool at FINE-TUNED CANINES later on during ongoing education programs (Board & Brush-up and Board, Brush-up and Beyond dog training camps)


 We have taught a variety of dogs swimming skills. We have trained:

  • young puppies that never had any swimming experience
  • young puppies that had some "accidental" swimming experience at home and then did not want to go near the water
  • dogs that knew HOW to swim, but had no stamina 
  • dogs that knew how to swim, but had no confidence in the water
  • dogs that were mature and never swam
  • dogs that were mature and only had some "accidental" swimming experience years before (and owners gave up on trying to swim the dog)
  • dogs of various breeds (even some water dogs that were not very experienced swimmers)
  • dogs of various ages
  • dogs of various size

The German Shepherd Dog showing her new swimming skills and confidence (prior to training she had no swimming experience and she was afraid of water: even of being hosed off)


If you would like your dog or dogs to learn how to swim and/or better swimming skills and confidence in the water, you can choose this training option as an addition to our Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING program or Back to Balance Rehabilitation program. Please contact us if you would like to sign up.

We even have pool parties for dogs when dogs learn and play together!