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FINE-TUNED CANINES, LLC - Naples Florida and Fort Myers Florida dog training & dog psychology
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FINE-TUNED CANINES: Naples Florida Dog Training and Canine Behavior/Dog Psychology Counseling Services - serving Collier County (Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Florida) and Lee County (Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Florida) Naples Florida professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Collier County dog trainer and dog behaviorist
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Lexi Hayden is a proud Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

IACP is the only organization for canine professionals recommended by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

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 SHAKTI, ATD (Advanced Trick Dog)

was born on May 4, 2005 and she is a Shiloh Shepherd female dog and is probably the most well-known representative of her breed. Shakti is a very special, talented, smart dog that loves to work. Shakti is also the only Shiloh Shepherd that has ever been titled with a trick training title and in fact has been awarded 3 dog trick training titles. Her titles have been awarded by internationally famous trick dog trainer Kyra Sundance. Not only has she received these titles, but she has also shown her skills, intelligence and joy of working in various movies that have been watched all over the world.  She is very versatile and does obedience training, retrieving, agility, trick training, treibball and canine freestyle. Many of her so-called "tricks" are really skills from various fields of dog training, including service dog training. Shakti is the very first Shiloh Shepherd trick dog. 

Shakti is also a Canine Good Citizen. She plays a very active part in rehabilitating and training other dogs, including shelter and rescue dogs. In this therapy work she helps both canines and humans alike. Shakti's work has touched many humans all over the world. She has also done some therapy work in a nursing home.

Shakti also started learning the art of nosework.

The name "SHAKTI" means "divine woman" and "power" in Sanskrit.


 CHOPPER, ITD (Intermediate Trick Dog)

was born on January 14, 2008 and he is a male English field (working) Cocker Spaniel. He's a very special and smart little dog and a true working dog that loves any kind of retrieving job or any kind of job really. Chopper is a very spirited dog that brings a lot of energy into our pack. He excels at various "stunt" type activities, agility skills, treibball, dog tricks, and is a good Frisbee player and a fabulous retriever. He also started learning the art of nosework and enjoys it a lot. He constantly learns new skills and tricks. Chopper was awarded 2 dog trick training titles: Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog Titles by Kyra Sundance, a renowned dog trainer and author.

As we work with the dogs that come to our Board and Train program, Chopper is an excellent distraction training assistant. He also plays a vital role in helping other canines that lack social skills to remember how to be a dog again and how to enjoy life to the fullest. Chopper presents certain skills (such as walking on a treadmill, swimming, retrieving) to our canine students so they can first become very familiar watching another dog perform a skill they will learn later on. His confidence also becomes a wonderful example to follow to other dogs. Chopper's acrobatic skills, "Acapulco-style" diving into the swimming pool and other skills inspired many canine students at FINE-TUNED CANINES. Chopper is living proof that dogs do have sense of humor (even though some scientists believe that there's no such thing as a sense of humor in dogs...) 

Chopper was named "Chopper" because since puppyhood he has been a very spirited little fellow whose ears are constantly flying around his cute little face, resembling the movement of a helicopter's (chopper's) blades. Chopper lives up to his name and is a dog that believes he can fly. 

Chopper came to us initially to stay for a while with us when he was more than 1 year old. Later on, we found out that we could keep him. Basically, Chopper "happened" unexpectedly and he has been one of life's best unexpected gifts to us. 

Mention about Chopper and the origin of his name on Cesar Millan's, the Dog Whisperer, website in the article "What's in a Name" by Martin Deeley

Our fine-tuned canines: SHAKTI, the Shiloh Shepherd female and CHOPPER the English working cocker spaniel male

Shakti and Chopper - our fine-tuned canines; Naples Florida , Fort Myers FL dog training 

Our own FINE-TUNED CANINES: Shakti (Shiloh Shepherd female) and Chopper (English Cocker Spaniel - working/field type)