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FINE-TUNED CANINES, LLC - Naples Florida and Fort Myers Florida dog training & dog psychology
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FINE-TUNED CANINES: Naples Florida Dog Training and Canine Behavior/Dog Psychology Counseling Services - serving Collier County (Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Florida) and Lee County (Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Florida) Naples Florida professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Collier County dog trainer and dog behaviorist
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Lexi Hayden is a proud Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

IACP is the only organization for canine professionals recommended by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

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Martin Deeley


Lexi Hayden with her mentors Martin Deeley and Pat Trichter-DeeleyOver the years I have helped and trained many who wish to become dog trainers. There have been good ones, but few who have the natural talents of Lexi Hayden. Her love for dogs not only shines through to those who watch her but also shines through to the dogs. They do things for Lexi because she has the ability to communicate with them and understand their personalities.  Her skills match her deep love for them. 

Lexi has a touch with a dog that is a gift – her smile rewards a dog and her body language gives them a wealth of information.  A gift that cannot be taught, only enhanced. Quiet yet firm, gentle yet clear in what is needed, dogs understand her and listen. They want to work for her and do well.

Not only does Lexi train dogs to a high degree but she also has the ability to relate to and understand the needs of owners.  She applies this understanding to teach owners how to build a bond with their dogs in a most encouraging and sharing way, developing a partnership to be admired.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lexi – in fact my highest recommendation is that I gave her one of my own dogs to train. Something I have never trusted to anyone else, the results are wonderful – watching him work for her with such enjoyment brings an emotional feeling of delight.  She is deserving of every success.

Martin Deeley

Pat Trichter


Lexi Hayden has a rare, honest, naturalness about her. Whether working with a dog or dog-owner, Lexi's relaxed, ladylike manner expertly guides and tutors them toward success. Her competency in teaching dogs and owners is well founded in education and brilliant to watch performed. I would not hesitate to recommend Lexi's knowledge and services to all dog owners as well as professionals alike. 

Pat Trichter

Betsy Marlowe

  • Location: Marathon, FL
  • Dog’s Name: MacGyver (1 year old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water, Training Trips: Real-world dog obedience training, good manners and proper socialization in public places

I have had many dogs and never had any problems training them, but MacGyver was very excitable and strong so I was concerned he might hurt someone. We travel in a RV where new situations are encountered every day, so I was desperate for help! Lexi was not only professional, she also had a way with dogs that was calm, firm and vey effective. She had MacGyver behaving calmly in a matter of hours. She posted videos frequently and I was always amazed with his accomplishments! I was also confident that he was being well taken care of since I saw where he would sleep as well as what training tools would be used as part of the Evaluation. I was concerned that I might not get the same behavior once he returned home, but Lexi spent lots of time training my husband and I when we picked up MacGyver and during the follow up visit . She also answers all questions I have asked since completing his stay so I feel very confident that I will now have the companion I want! I highly recommend this training to anyone who is having trouble with their dog's behavior or just wants a head start with getting a well trained friend.


Betsy Marlowe

Marathon, Florida



Barb Tinucci

  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Ruby (6 year old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Dog’s Name: Cooper (6 year old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Back to Balance Rehabilitation, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water, Training Trips: Real-world dog obedience training, good manners and proper socialization in public places

Our two beautiful dogs (Ruby a female pitbull) and Cooper male (pitbull/Amer.bulldog mix) began fighting violently after Ruby moved here with my daughter. There were several fights, and after trying an "at home" trainer with no results (and he was a most unpleasant person), we were blessed to find Lexi at Fine-Tuned Canines. Each of our dogs went to stay there - Ruby for 4 weeks (she needed the most work) and Cooper for 3. Every single thing Lexi promised she delivered - great assessment of their individual problems, how to overcome them and make our dogs listen to us, and respect us and each other. So , without Fine-Tuned Canines, we would either still be living in anxiety as to when the next fight would occur, or the unimaginable - to re-home one of them. That was unacceptable - we love them both, in spite of their troubles. We have peace, proper supervision and are much more comfortable in our own home and yard.

Barb Tinucci

Naples, Florida


Hollis Jeffcoat

  • Location: Sanibel, FL 
  • Dog’s Name: Gracie (1 year old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Field Spaniel
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

Gracie the Field Spaniel female stays nicely on "place" at home after her training at FINE-TUNED CANINES Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING in Naples, FLWhen we took our beloved Gracie ( one yr. old Field Spaniel) to Lexi, we thought she would be very well boarded and brush up on the training she already knew. Little did we know that our girl would come back listening to the Pack Leader (me) instead of making all the decisions for our family. She was never aggressive or difficult so her manipulative tricks were easier to overlook. After training with Lexi and having Chopper as her mentor she is a healthier, more confident and happier companion. I would highly recommend Lexi's FINE-TUNED CANINES for any and every dog family. She is calm, gentle yet firm and teaches dogs and their people how to work together at their best. I can't thank her enough.

Hollis Jeffcoat

Sanibel, Florida


Tammy Klein

  • Location: Marco Island, FL 
  • Dog’s Name: Monty (7 year old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Standard Poodle
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

We have really appreciated the opportunity to work with Lexi - she is a wonderful and talented trainer and very kind and understanding as well. She is extremely thorough from the initial paperwork, to the evaluation and to the training itself. She has a great approach to training: train both us and the dog so that we can confidently handle him at home. Lexi was able to quickly diagnose what was happening with our dog, Monty, and then to work on those issues with him and us. We even changed his diet too! Although we were initially nervous about leaving Monty, we found quickly that he was in the best of hands! Our dog received the exceptional love and care, along with excellent training, from Lexi and her “instructors”, Chopper and Shakti. Lexi kept us updated on a daily basis with Monty’s progress, and it was fun for us, friends and family to watch Monty’s successes on Facebook, especially in the pool! Meanwhile, we had homework assignments that we were doing as well. Through this process, we learned so much about Monty, his personality and his behavior, and we now have a better understanding of him. Now that he’s on a more structured schedule, he seems more rested, active and happier. He no longer has anxiety about thunderstorms, which was one of the reasons we brought him to training. We had taken Monty to training earlier in his life but it was not rounded and comprehensive like what Lexi offers. This program enabled us to make lasting changes for the well-being of our whole family. It was absolutely worth every penny we spent. Thank you Lexi for working with us and helping us! We look forward to bringing Monty back for boarding.

Tammy Klein

Marco Island, Florida

Yvonne von Berg

  • Location: Bonita Springs, FL 
  • Dog’s Name: Hank (4 year old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Tibetan Terrier
  • Dog’s Name: Wallie (3 years old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Tibetan Terrier
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

I have nothing but great things to say about Fine Tuned Canines! Finding Lexi was the best thing that would have happened to our family. After moving to the Naples area I became pregnant and we knew that it was time to take a hard look at the way our dogs were behaving. Our two Tibetan Terriers had always been nice dogs and relatively well tempered. Unfortunately, my husband and my busy schedule with work and travel prevented us from really training our dogs and ensuring a balanced environment for them. Once we moved we realized that there were small issues arising between the dogs in our home that could become a serious problem if we did not address them. Since we were expecting a child we decided to get help. Luckily we found Lexi! Both our dogs went through her three week Board and Train program and it was fantastic. Wallie, our younger dog, struggled with confidence, which was manifesting in some negative behavior. After three weeks at Fin e Tuned Canines he returned happy, healthy and much more confident. Our other dog Hank is extremely independent and stubborn, so we were happy when he became more obedient and willing to respond to commands. Overall, we have happier and more stable dogs. When our son was born we sent both dogs back to Lexi for a week brush up, which was great. This week reinforced all the positive behavior and the dogs came back to the house calm, collected and ready to meet the new family memeber. We will continue to work with her and are also thrilled that we can board our dogs with her when we have to travel. Anyone who is even thinking about engaging a dog trainer should speak with Lexi!

Yvonne Von Berg

Bonita Springs, Florida

Jan Smith

  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Boris (1 1/2 year old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Dog’s Name: Nessie (10 months old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

Boris and Nessie (both FINE-TUNED CANINES Naples, FL dog training graduates) now wait politely to be invited in a houseLexi is incredible! I am so happy we found her and sent our 2 lovable if out of control Labs to 'Board and Train'. Lexi is a great and patient teacher of both her canine and human students. We now have two well behaved pups who are a pleasure to take for a walk as opposed to the previous arm tugging struggle. I feel like I have learnt so much and am looking forward to a happy and calm future with my pups. Thank you so much Lexi!

Jan Smith

Naples, Florida


  Boris now has a nice impulse control around the toys!


Kelsey George

  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Marcie Belle (7 years old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Terrier mix
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Back to Balance Rehabilitation, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

My sweet pup Marcie spent 6 weeks with Lexi at Fine Tuned Canines and she has done complete wonders for Marcie and my family. Marcie had severe thunder-storm anxiety and it was literally running our lives. Marcie could never be left alone, she was totally destructive (chewing out of crates, chewing walls and doors, etc). Marcie's anxiety had reached a boiling point to where we could no longer continue how we were living, pills didn't work, thunder shirts didn't work, nothing seemed to work until we found Lexi. We got a new way of life, new tools, new commands, and Marcie can now be herself without the anxiety and bad behaviors. Marcie's time with Lexi was COMPLETELY worth it. I saved Marcie from a shelter, but Lexi gave her a new life.

Kelsey George

Orlando, Florida


George Gershowitz

  • Location: Punta Gorda, FL Jaxon the German Pinscher puppy enjoying a boat ride with his owner. Jaxon graduated from FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train dog training program in Naples, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Jaxon (6 months old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: German Pinscher
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

We came to Lexi with an lovable but unruly pup who did as he pleased and was uncontrollable on or off leash. We were at a loss and had no clue how to make the situation better. Fortunately we found Lexi and Fine-Tuned Canines. After an evaluation of both our dog and Us, we were certain we had found the right place and right people to entrust with the care and training of our beloved Jaxon G, the adorable but out of control, German Pinscher.

Jaxon the German Pinscher and his wonderful manners at home. Here Jaxon is staying on "place" at home








We were not disappointed. Lexi worked wonders with Jaxon and then trained us to continue what she had begun. Jaxon is a changed pup who we can take any where and be proud of his behavior. At only six months old he is better behaved than most dogs we encounter. Any one who needs any type of training for their dog, from basic to behavior modification, to correcting neurotic behaviors, Lexi Hayden and Fine-Tuned Canines is the place to go. She truly is a DOG WHISPERER!

George Gershowitz

Punta Gorda, Florida


Theresa Morgan

  • Dog’s Name: Lucas (Age: 1 year old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Board and Brush-up (Ongoing Education & Proper Socialization Program), Swimming Training & Building Confidence in the Water

Lucas, the Australian Cattle Dog and FINE=TUNED CANINES Board and Train dog training program graduate and Swimming Training and Building Confidence in the Water graduate in Naples, Florida. Photo: Courtesy of Lucas’ wonderful Family.I simply cannot praise Lexi Hayden's Fine Tuned Canines enough. Our Lucas suffered from severe separation anxiety and other behavioral issues. We could not leave him behind without coming home to destruction. Even when we were with him he displayed anxious, erratic behavior and severe stubbornness. We were at wits end. Lexi's Board & Train program brought our whole family back in balance. Not only was Lucas returned to us trained & calm, but she worked with us extensively so that we could maintain this at home. The result is a calm, lovable, playful family member who understands us as we do him. 

I am convinced that there is no canine dilemma that she cannot resolve. She has an innate understanding and obvious love of dogs

The support we have received from Lexi did not end when the training program ended. She has always been willing to answer questions and address concerns. She has been a wonderful supporter, and I might add, is a genuinely nice person.

Theresa Morgan

Goodland, Florida

Ruth Faiella

  • Dog’s Name: Judah (Age: 1 year old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Labradoodle
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING

We had done all the "right" things with Judah. Took him to school (puppy kindergarten, elementary, intermediate class as well as tricks training). Properly socialized him with other dogs and people. And yet he still was a big ball of excitement that we couldn't contain. We dreaded taking him for walks because he would pull us toward everything (he's a big, strong dog) and he would jump on everyone practically knocking them and us down. People would walk the other way to avoid us and we didn't blame them. He would grab things off the counter and out of the garbage and then it was a game of "keep away" trying to get it back from him. He knew all the commands (leave it, down, stay, out, drop it, etc) but whether he obeyed them at any given time was anyone's guess. Judah the Labradoodle, a proud FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING dog training program in Naples, Florida

Since Lexi worked with Judah, we now have a dog that we love taking for walks! He gets so many compliments about how well behaved he now is. We often hear people as they walk away asking their dog why they can't be like Judah :) While they are struggling to control their dog, Judah is sitting calmly as if to ask what all the excitement is about!! It is an amazing transformation that we are very grateful for! Yet he is still the playful pup that we want him to be. He will play for hours with our son and still be on his best behavior the whole time.

We definitely recommend Lexi's training program if you want a dog who is well mannered and a joy to have in the family!!!

Ruth Faiella

Fort Myers, Florida

Micah and Regina Tuyls

  • Dog’s Name: Klarity (Age: 7 months old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

Klarity, the German Shepherd Dog and FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train dog training program graduate and Swimming Training graduate in Naples, Florida Photo: Courtesy of Klarity’s Family, who graciously shared this beautiful photo with us Our German Shepherd, Klarity, was almost 7 months old when we brought her to Lexi Hayden for evaluation. Klarity had a few challenges, including a fear of water, a tendency to avoid other dogs, and a habit of regarding the family-room sectional as the preferred site for track-and-field activities. Lexi welcomed our puppy with confidence and respect—and the rest of our family with genuine warmth and hospitality. Lexi is extremely knowledgeable; she explained her methodology to us in detail, introduced us to the tools of her trade, and answered every question we posed with the authority of a true expert. She asked us probing questions, too, and as we answered we could see the light of understanding flash across her face as she “fine-tuned” her diagnosis of our dog. The beautiful grounds, clean home, and presence of a second compassionate canine specialist—her husband Mike—further confirmed for us that Fine-Tuned Ca nines was a great find, and Klarity began the 3-week Board & Train (with optional Swimming Program) the following week.
Lexi did an exceptional job sharing Klarity’s progress with us through detailed emails, photographs, and videos of our puppy in action. Seeing the previously water-wary dog smile in the pool was wonderful! The multi-media presentations prepared by Lexi that “starred” other dogs (in the months and years prior to Klarity’s arrival) were likewise valuable to us—since they taught good technique and good habits. The content of the videos is great—and the graphic and musical enhancements make them very enjoyable to watch. Lexi could possibly have a sideline in the movie industry!
During Klarity’s stay at Fine-Tuned Canines, Lexi determined that a diet-adjustment would improve our young dog’s stamina. Lexi & Mike don’t sell dog food, but they fervently advocate natural diets for dogs and provided us with research to help us decide which of a number of good food options was best for our puppy and our family’s lifestyle. Klarity started her new diet early in the training program and remains on it today. Her appetite is much better than it was in the pre-training months. She is stronger now: though still lanky, she has more muscle and greater stamina. She used to get tired walking the length of two short residential streets; now she can walk around the neighborhood for over an hour with ease. Klarity has clearly benefitted from Lexi & Mike’s nutritional expertise.
The day we went to pick Klarity up, Lexi worked with each member of the family so we would understand the finer points of the electronic collar—an essential tool in training. She offered to walk each of us through the commands she’d taught Klarity, including “come,” “heel,” “place,” “sit,” “down,” “free,” “leave it,” “wait,” “crate,” “quiet,” and “go potty.” We’d used a couple of these commands with the puppy before—but had not achieved consistent results. After training with Lexi, Klarity obeyed the old commands along with all the new ones with such regularity that she almost seemed like a remote-controlled dog-robot in some ways! (Klarity’s precious, God-given “personality” remains, but her improved, post-training behavior really amazed us.) 
Before we took Klarity home, Lexi demonstrated how to ride a bike with Klarity running alongside. Lexi taught us how to set up the treadmill safely for our dog as well—a good thing since Klarity (who’d never been on a treadmill prior to training at FTC) now considers the machine a beloved friend. Lexi also showed us the procedure for getting Klarity into the pool, and for the first time in person, we witnessed our puppy swimming and fetching—quite a feat for a dog who had previously panicked at the mere sight of a water hose.
A couple of other fears were conquered during Klarity’s training, too, and she no longer avoids other dogs or considers a running automobile to be Public Enemy #1. Klarity socialized with several dogs at Lexi’s—and in various activities, including swimming, playing games, and “placing.” As Lexi’s videos of our puppy prove, Klarity thoroughly enjoyed the company of the other canines. This ease with other dogs remains today, and Klarity’s about-face upon seeing (or hearing) another member of her species approach is a thing of the past. Her anxiety over car-rides has similarly vanished since Lexi taught us how to “warm Klarity up” before we ask her to get in the car. We’re glad our puppy has relaxed—and (selfishly) thrilled that we no longer need to bring wipes and a plastic bag to deal with the aftermath of her sensitivity.
A week after Klarity came home, Lexi and Mike paid us a visit to see how Klarity and the rest of the family were doing. We can’t speak for Lexi, but we think we did all right! Having the structure of already learned commands and the proper tools was helping us—a lot. Klarity was calmer. There were no more dashes across the couch in the family room. When we gave a command, Klarity knew what to do and (usually) did it. It’s our job now to reinforce what Lexi taught her so well. We humans in the family have not achieved perfection, but we’re better than we were before—and determined through on-going training at home to help Klarity hold on to all she learned from Lexi.
We plan to bring Klarity back for Board & Brush-Up, too.
In short, Lexi Hayden is an extraordinary trainer. She is every bit as impressive as Cesar Millan, with whom she shares an ideology. It is a wonder that she happened to be in our own backyard here in Southwest Florida, because she is a rare individual—highly intelligent, expertly skilled and natural with dogs (and their human families!), truly holistic (concerned with all aspects of a dog’s life), and genuinely kind. When we stop to think of all that was included in our puppy’s training—boarding, tools, electronic lessons & updates, as well as in-person follow-ups—we know the program was a tremendous value. In three-weeks’ time, Lexi produced amazing results that (with our ongoing cooperation) will help our young dog to lead a more structured, content life.

Micah & Regina Tuyls

SW Florida


Mary Magee

  • Dog’s Name: Picabu (Age: approximately 3 years old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water

Thanks to Lexi, our magnificent Picabu is now going like a super star :-) We are so grateful. Her resources on nutrition, and her training us on how to manage our fabulous rescue dog, has resulted in a partnership that is cherished. Picabu is 66 lbs of beautiful muscle, and having such an atletic, strong dog is a big responibility. Lexi has given us the confidence and skills to enjoy life with Picabu. Every new adventure is now an opportunity train and learn. With Lexi's help, we have many fun options for exercise…walks are now a joy, treadmill, bike rides, off-leash fetch, hide and go seek with the grandkids, and swimming!

Special note- the swim/training work is brilliant! Now I get stopped often while out walking with my Bu, and asked where I found the perfect dog… My answer, Paws Chicago and Fine-Tuned Canines.

Mary Magee 

Photo: Courtesy of Mary Magee, Picabu’s owner, who graciously shared this beautiful family photo with us


Tiffany Kramer

  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Abem (5 months old / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Coton de Tulear
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING, Swimming Training & Building Confindence in the Water, Training Trips: Real-world dog obedience training, good manners and proper socialization

When we brought our puppy, Abem, to Lexi we couldn't go out for a walk without her jumping all over everyone. I couldn't get Abem to sit calmly so I could groom her. I couldn't open a door without her running out it. Basically, Abem was a little hurricane. 

Now she is a pleasure to take out in public. People are constantly commenting on how well mannered she is. She allows me to groom her daily. And when she does something I don't like a simple, "Eh-Eh!" stops her dead in her tracks. 

Lexi changed my puppy from a little pest into a sweet, adorable companion. Then Lexi taught my husband and me the proper methods to guide Abem so she will continue behaving with respect and self control. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Lexi and her training school, Fine-tuned Canines to everyone who desires to live with a well mannered dog. 

Tiffany Kramer

Naples, Florida

Ray and Sherri Lee

  • Location: The Villages, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Stix (18 months old / male)
  • Dog’s Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train

Stix Yorkshire Terrier Board and Train dog training graduate Naples FLWe had two major issues with Stix's. First he would not come to us when called, second issue was picking up anything that got dropped on the floor. The second issue nearly cost Stix's his life; a blood pressure pill (180mg.) was dropped and Stix's swallowed it. Quick thinking on our Vet's part and then the hospital in Gainsville where they were able to pull him through. Lexi taught Stix's that when he was told to leave something, he would leave it and we are very happy to report that Stix's issues were corrected,also along with our issues, Lexi trained him to be a well-behaved dog in all instances, he is eating better, walking on his leash is amazing! ( I have to keep looking down to make sure he is still attached) no more pulling on the leash and he is walking three miles a day, and all this has made Stix's a very CALM DOG!


We can't express enough of the great training at Fine-Tuned Canines that our family received, we would highly recommend Lexi and her training program.

With Sincere Thanks


Ray, Sherri and Stix Lee

The Villages, Florida


  At FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train program in Naples, Florida, all dogs learn impulse control, patience and “Leave it”. Not only dogs learn obedience skills, but how to be calm and relaxed too.


Dan and Annie Janyja

  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Belle (Age unknown / female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Hound mix
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING (3 week program)

We rescued an adult hound mix with some issues: insecurity, fear, scent-obsession... She walked us (or pulled and jerked); she couldn't be off leash for a second or she'd be gone; she has an independent streak. But at home, she had separation anxiety and shadowed me everywhere. Lexi has fine-tuned our dog and changed all our lives! And she made it fun! Our dog walks politely, comes when called, waits patiently, and listens intently most of the time. She's still independent and tests us occasionally but Lexi taught us well. We are practicing consistent, calm, and assertive leadership and our dog is thriving. We are all having a lot of fun practicing and learning. We give Fine-Tuned Canines and Lexi Hayden our highest recommendation.


Dan and Annie Janyja

Naples, Florida


Gail Mason

  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Hannah (2.5 year old female)
  • Dog’s Breed: Toy Schnauzer

I brought my little Hannah into my life during a very difficult period. I was grieving and not able to give her the initial training and guidance a puppy needs. She didn’t have the opportunity to be properly socialized, and as a result, various behavioral problems developed. She was out of control when friends would visit. While on walks, she would bark at neighbors, lunge at dogs, upset other dog walkers with her behavior, etc. I would be embarrassed and frustrated. I was not able to control her. Alone with me at home she was my darling little puppy. 

I tried various trainers and programs but results were minimal. I was hoping she would mature and her behavior would improve. However when she reached two, I realized this wasn’t happening. She is such a loving little girl, I wanted her to be able to be a part of my life as my previous dogs had been. Finally I found Lexi . I was very apprehensive about being separated from Hannah for the Board and Train Basic Program for eleven days. However during the evaluation I knew this was what Hannah and I both needed and I had complete confidence in Lexi and her program. When you meet Lexi , you immediately realize her love for dogs, her warmth and her abilities. 

During Hannah’s training I received updates from Lexi and checked Facebook for the latest pictures. I could see the progress Hannah was making and the confidence she was acquiring. Lexi glows when working with her canine students . The dogs want to please her.

I am thrilled with the results. Hannah obeys commands, has adjusted to spending time in her new crate (she had slept with me from day one, so this was a major adjustment for both of us), and is a much calmer dog. Lexi trained me to be the “ Pack Leader” Hannah needed . I was taught that I have to realize Hannah is a dog and I can’t treat her like a baby. I was responsible for her being insecure and not having the confidence she needed. 

I can highly recommend Lexi – I will never be able to thank her and her crew (husband Mike and canine trainers Shakti and Chopper) enough. Any questions or concerns I have are always addressed and explained in detail – her support means so much to me. 

Hannah and I look forward to advanced training in the future. 


Gail Mason 

Naples, Florida 

Terri Norton

  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog’s Name: Reilly (2-year old + male)
  • Dog's Breed: Havanese
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING (3 week program), Swimming Training & Biuilding Confindece in the Water program


Reilly came to us as a rescue dog. We took one look into his eyes and fell in love. After getting him home, we found he was a bit of a problem child and needed some training. We searched and found Fine-tuned Canines and Lexi. What a wonderful find for us and Reilly. Lexi can "whisper" a dog into anything. Her talent for training dogs is amazing and she does it with such patience and love, all the while keeping us, the families, abreast of every step of training. We are so pleased with the training results and cannot praise the program enough. We highly recommend Fine-tuned Canines to all. You will not be disappointed and your dog will become a healthy, happy well behaved family member.( will just adore Lexi and her training abilities....)


Terri Norton

Naples, Florida


Sheri Sabey

  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog's Name: Zoey (6-month old female)
  • Dog's Breed: Maltipoo
  • Programs and services: Evaluation, Dog Housebreaking program, Puppy Training and Board & Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING (3 week program)

We initially found Lexi while looking for boarding options for our pup. We were very hesitant to put her in a boarding facility and was thrilled once we contacted Fine-Tuned Canines. We set up an evaluation and house-breaking sessions with excellent results. We quickly had control over Zoey's house-breaking, crate, feeding and bitting issues. She then went to the Board and Train program where she learned more skills than I could have ever imagined. When we returned to pick Zoey up, she was a new pup! Still a puppy, but well mannered, obedient AND STILL LOVEABLE! It was so nice not to worry about Zoey while she was gone, she was part of their family during her stay (and will always remain friends)! Thanks Lexi and Mike!!


Sheri Sabey

Naples, Florida


Michele Byrd-Gerlach and Brice Gerlach

  • Location: Naples , FL
  • Dog's Name: Maisy (1 and 1/2 year-old female)
  • Dog's Breed: German Shepherd

We brought our German Shepherd, Maisy, for private lessons with Lexi. She gave us many tools to help us become more in tune with what our dog needed from us as pack leaders. She was always informative, encouraging and most of all positive about helping us meet our goals. We continue to use all the tools and advice on a daily basis. We will be back for a brush-up. We can highly recommend Lexi! She is amazing!














Pat and Rick Ellenberger

  • Location: Naples , FL
  • Dog's Name: Teddy (8+ year-old male)
  • Dog's Breed: Maltipoo


We can never properly thank you for transforming our 8 year old Multipoo, Teddy into such a joyful, smart, obedient, and well mannered little dog.

Teddy has always been a loving, adorable dog but as years went on and our children left the home, Teddy wouldn't walk, he mostly sat around and slept and when he was awake he was often mean, aggressive, and dominant. Quite frankly, he ran his world, and his pack leaders tried to follow.

We knew something had to be done, no matter Teddy's age. We found you on-line and everything we read was so positive about the transformations you have completed... we said, let's give it a chance.

As soon as we met you, we knew we wanted Teddy to be trained by you. Your presence and knowledge around and about dogs inspired us and transformed us into one of Lexi's many believers!

So after reading about you, meeting you, having an evaluations on Teddy we jump in head first to become better "pack leaders" and for Teddy to find his joy and manners.

Now that Teddy has graduated your Board and Train program there has been a complete and total transformation, I've used the word miracle and magical to describe Teddy's total transformation. He is so well trained, kenneled, walking, running, swimming, tread milling, bicycling,relaxing on his "place" or on his noodle floating in the pool. And so much more, people stop us when we are out working with Teddy and compliment his training and manners. NO ONE ever said that about the old Teddy. He is so proud of himself, happy, joyful, sweet. Yes, a MIRACLE!

We have so enjoyed working with you and Mike, thanks for training and transforming us into better "pack leaders". You have been one of the most interesting, inspiring, funny, and super knowledgeable people we have met along our journey. We are so thrilled to have you as our guide and trainer.

Pat and Rick

Matthew Koerner

  • Location: Fort Myers , FL
  • Dog's Name: Jersey (3 year-old female) and Indiana Jones (8 year old female)
  • Dog's Breed: Vizslas

Pending the arrival of our baby boy, my wife and I decided that we needed help to regain control of our two dogs. Our dogs were not aggressive, but decided when to listen to us and not to listen to us. After Lexi came to our home to evaluate our situation, we learned that we were NOT the pack leaders.

I was skeptical about sending our dogs away for 3 weeks, but I knew that we needed to do this for the safety of our baby boy. Well, once they returned from the board and train program all of my skepticism was replaced with gratitude. We had gone through other training programs both here in Florida and in New Jersey when we lived there and I can definitely say without hesitation that this is hands down the BEST and most effective training program we have ever used.

In the three weeks Lexi had our dogs she transformed them from being very excitable and semi-obedient, into calm and very obedient dogs. In fact, before we sent our dogs to Lexi I would never in 100 years would have thought to walk with our dogs off leash. Now I can go running through our neighborhood on 5 mile runs with the dogs off leash without any problems at all.

One of the best things about Lexi's training is that is easy to incorporate it into your own routine. The commands she teaches the dogs are simple and easy to use. Not only did Lexi do a great job in teaching the dogs, but she did a great job in teaching my wife and I how to be the pack leaders and how important it is that we be the pack leaders. I believe that we are enjoying our dogs now more than ever before as a result of Lexi's training and guidance.

Not only do we appreicate the job Lexi did, but I know Indy and Jersey appreciate it as well.


Matthew Koerner, Fort Myers, FL

Kenji Inuoe and Katey Zinn

  • Location: Naples , FL
  • Dog's Name: Grouper (3 year-old female)
  • Dog's Breed: Dachshund



Grouper, the Dachshund female and FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train program graduate (Naples, FL) What can we say, other than Lexi has brought balance to our dog and to our lives. Without question she is our Cesar Millan (We think she’s better :-) ).

We got Grouper from a rescue and she was a wonderful caring dog who loved be around her pack. The problem was that she couldn’t handle being away from her pack. We tried multiple methods on easing her separation anxiety to no avail.

In Grouper’s 3-week stay at Fine-tuned Canines Lexi crate trained her, socialized her with bigger dogs (Grouper was afraid of bigger dogs and now loves Chopper and Shakti), and taught her a bunch of new tricks. But the biggest gift of all was bringing balance to Grouper’s life, which ultimately brought balance to our lives.

During Grouper’s board and train, Lexi was great in updating us on Groupers progress. We religiously checked the Facebook page for the latest videos and pictures (the videos were awesome!)

We now have a greater sense of calmness being with Grouper. We feel secure leaving the house with Grouper in the crate because we are fulfilling all of our Grouper’s needs. She shows no anxiety and no messing in her crate.

We can’t thank Lexi and Fine-tuned Canines enough and can’t sing their praises loud enough. They’ve given us the tools to help keep Grouper balanced, which has allowed us to have a better/closer relationship with our dog.

Thank you again for all that you have given us.

Team K

(Note from FINE-TUNED CANINES: Team K - our fabulous clients Kenji and Katey)


Grouper the Dashing Dachshund - Naples Florida dog training Board and Train program

Please click on the image to view the movie.





Al Ventzek

  • Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FLMolly, the South African Boerboel female and FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train program graduate (Naples, FL)
  • Dogs Names: Molly (3 year-old female)
  • Dogs' Breed: South African Boerboel

Molly the South African Boerboel female (FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train dog training program graduate) with her wonderful, loving family - 3 pack leaders :) Photo: Courtesy of Molly's family who graciously shared this beautiful family photo with us

Training your dog with Lexi is with out a doubt the best investment you can make in your dog. If you are even taking the time to read this than you should strongly consider having an evaluation with her. Not only does she have an uncanny gift of communication with canines, she goes above and beyond that by taking into consideration how the whole family/pack interacts with one another. This provides a comprehensive approach that enables you to truly understand how your dog interacts with you and the rest of the world. And lastly, she builds a real relationship with her clients that goes beyond the training phase. She continues to support her clients after the training phase and provide a constant resource for information - which is invaluable in itself.

Al J. Ventzek

Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Debbie Llewellyn

  • Location: Port Charlotte, FL
  • Dogs Names: Gizmo (male) and Boo (female)
  • Dogs' Breed: Shih Tzu/Poodle

Thank you so much Lexi for your time, your insight, your patience with me.  I appreciate your help so much.  You have saved both my dogs and me!  You are a long awaited answer to my prayer!

Laura Toadvine

  • Location: Fort Myers, FL
  • Dog's Name: Bailey (male)
  • Dog's Breed: Labradoodle


Before Fine-Tuned Canines, Bailey had been in two other homes before he came into ours. The last owners that had him were an older couple that could no longer take care of him. They told us Bailey was aggressive towards other dogs and didn’t like men. Well we got Bailey and fell in love with him but we knew he needed quality training in which I decided to call Lexi to see if she could help. At the evaluation with Lexi we discussed in great detail what each of the owners had told me about him. In the short time I have had Bailey I knew he was aggressive towards other dogs, he didn’t like anything with quick movement around him which included bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, kids running and etc. . Lexi spend over two hours with me evaluating Bailey and determined she could help Bailey and me. I decided to do the Board and Train Program with Bailey and I am so glad I did. After the Board and Train Program I can now walk Bailey and just relax now because he no longer barks, growls or lunges at other dogs, bikes, skateboards, scooters and kids running back and forth. In fact a dog that he was very aggressive towards is now friends with and greets him nightly with no problems. Lexi taught me that I was giving him too much freedom and he was being the pack leader instead of me. He no longer darts out the door, he patiently sits and waits until I tell him its okay now. He also waits to eat his food until I tell him its okay. Lexi has taught me to be a pack leader instead of Bailey!!! Thank you Lexi!!!


Amy and Terry Havig

  • Location: Naples, FLJackson the Golden Retriever male from Naples, FL and FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train graduate 
  • Dog's Name: Jackson (male)
  • Dog's Breed: Golden Retriever


We are so thrilled with Lexi and her train and board program. We gave her our out of control Golden Retriever puppy and in return got a wonderfully behaved, sweet, loving puppy! Jackson spent 2 weeks with Lexi while we were on vacation. We were happy that he was busy and not missing us which meant we could relax and enjoy our trip. Jackson has now out grown our daughter yet she has complete control of him. That doesn't mean he isn't a busy puppy still, he certainly loves to play but now when we say enough, he knows what that means. His vocabulary is huge and we have added 2 new words easily. We can't say enough about Lexi and her training program! We are looking forward to a brush up stay soon.

Amy, Terry and Maquinn Havig


Please click on the image to view the movie. 

Puppy training (Board and Train program) with FINE-TUNED CANINES in Florida (Naples, FL & Fort Myers, FL areas)

Andy and Susan Trautman

  • Location: Maxwell Air Force Base, AL 
  • Dog's Name: Eli (male)
  • Dog's Breed: Shiloh Shepherd

Eli, the Shiloh Shepherd male, came to train at FINE-TUNED CANINES in Southwest Florida all the way from Alabama. Now he's a FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train program graduate!From our very first conversation with Lexi Hayden and throughout the entire Board and Train experience, we were impressed by Lexi’s ability to really listen to our concerns and address these issues with expertise - at the same time making it fun for our pup and us. She patiently taught us to continue Eli’s training, making sure we felt comfortable and confident. We could not have chosen a better person to deal with Eli’s fear of other dogs – Shakti and Chopper were super helpers! Eli’s entire Board and Train experience was fantastic. Also, we know that we can call Lexi for advice and encouragement when needed. We even get to watch her entertaining videos for further tips – you just have to smile when she does!

Susan and Andy Trautman



Please click on the images to view the movies. 


Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida

  • Location: Southwest Florida  Lexi Hayden with Cody. Cody was surrendered to a kill shelter because he pulled on the leash. Here, after his heartworm treatment was completed, he learned very fast not only not to pull while being walked, but also how to trot next to a bike on a loose leash.  
  • Dog's Name: Cody (male) 
  • Dog Breed: Golden Retriever


It is our pleasure to recommend Lexi Hayden’s dog-training skills. Last summer, Lexi fostered one of our rescue dogs, a golden retriever named Cody. Thanks to Lexi, this wild child who didn’t even know his name was transformed into a solid canine citizen who has even starred in his own videos!

Cody had a difficult road to travel because he was heartworm positive and could not be exercised during his treatment. Once he received a clean bill of health, Lexi began working miracles with Cody. First, he acquired the basics, like not pulling on the leash or jumping on people.

But thanks to Lexi’s talents, Cody learned so much more. With a full range of tricks, he is featured on a website, and appears in three videos tracking the course of his miraculous transformation.

Now adopted by his “forever family,” Cody has a happy life and continues his education. This smart boy is even teaching his new family a few tricks. Thanks to Lexi for giving Cody a second chance at life.

Cathy Cottrill

Board member, Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida


  • Location: Naples, FL
  • Dog's Name: Rosie (female)
  • Dog's Breed: Mix breed

Here's what one of our young clients, Landon, whose dog Rosie participated in our Florida Board and Train program, had to say (and even made a beautiful card!): 

To: Mrs. Lexi

From: Landon

Dear Mrs. Lexi,

Thank you so much for training Rosie. I really appreciate it. You have made her a better dog for us. If I were Rosie, I would never want to leave. Thanks again.




Zak Sinberg

  • Location: Naples, FLFINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train exclusive dog training program graduate, Brodie the Golden Retriever (Naples, FL).
  • Dog's Name: Brodie (male)
  • Dog's Breed: Golden Retriever

Please click below to vie Brodie's movie and his transformation:


Lexi it has been such a pleasure to have Brodie back in the house. The change is unbelievable. You have done amazing things with him and we are excited to continue to teach him new things. His new behaviors and obedience is a real testament to your efforts and professionalism. Job well done!!!! Abby and Sophie are very happy to have the new Brodie back. Thanks again.


View some of the movies with Brodie on Board and Train Experience page 


Sharon and Terry Carroll

  • Location: Daytona Beach, FL
  • Dog's Name: Larry (male)
  • Dog's Breed: Shiloh Shepherd

We first met Lexi Hayden at a Shiloh Shepherd meet and greet in January, 2008, at a time we were experiencing extreme behavioral ... problems with our dog, Larry. Many of our troubles were a result of our inexperience and lack of education regarding "being pack leaders". After observing Larry's behavior, Lexi was immediately responsive to our concerns and offered her assistance. Her comments and observations really made us aware of the responsibilities we have to our dog to achieve "balance", and what it really means to "treat him like a dog", which is not a bad thing at all. As hard as it is, we have learned not to attribute human needs and emotions when reacting to his antics, quirks, facial expressions and general behavior.

Lexi has continually been responsive, understanding and non-judgmental when asked for guidance, and always willing to help keep us on the right track. We trust her opinions and suggestions, all of which are helping us make Larry the best Shiloh he can be. He is much easier to control, more relaxed in new situations, focuses on us during his walks, less territorial with strangers on his property, and is the darling of his groomer/boarding facility! Thank you Lexi!

Jarna and Roscoe Rainey

  • Dog's Name: Danzig (male)
  • Dog's Breed: Shiloh Shepherd

Lexi Hayden has helped me several times with my Shiloh Shepherd. From teaching a simple trick to correcting an ongoing behavior issue, no matter the situation she seems to be able to dig deep into the dog and owners mind and come up with solutions.
What I like very much about Lexi's method is how she takes the time to understand all about the situation before jumping to a conclusion. She asks questions in a way that helps owners see for themselves what some of the issues might be. Then she backs all this up with solid behavioral education and explanations.
Another thing that makes Lexi stand out from other trainers is how she uses only positive methods which benefits both canine and human. This in turn helps you develop a stronger bond with your beloved pet.
Over my lifetime of dog ownership I can truly say I've never met a dog trainer who so clearly explained a behavior in a way a non-expert could understand and put the info to use. She has a knack for giving examples and describing scenarios that anyone could follow along with and get the desired results.
Most recently Lexi helped me correct a behavior that was ongoing for over 2 years. This was something I'd asked for help with several times before with no positive results. Her methods work and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help.
On a final note I'd like to comment on Lexi's love for animals. This will be very apparent when you are working with her. She makes training a pleasure and what's better than seeing the results right in front of your eyes. I can't thank Lexi enough for all she has done to help me make daily life with my dog such a pleasure.





Iwona and Aleksander Chmiel

  • Dog's Name: Chikita (female)
  • Dog's Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

I may truly say that everything Lexi does for animals is full of sincerity because she does it wholeheartedly.  That is the real secret of her success in dog-training. She has an approach based on love and understands how to communicate with dogs, which gives her the ability to convince even the naughtiest dogs to behave in an appropriate manner.  She helped us understand and recognize the feelings and needs of our Yorkshire terrier, and taught us how to see the world through our dog’s eyes. Thanks to her advice we are more aware of Chikita’s needs and can give her not only our love but can also make her happy. Now it is up to us to make our small friend a real member of our family. Thanks to Lexi we have discovered how to do it. It’s hard work but I can gladly say that it WORKS! Thank you Lexi!