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Fine-tuned Canines, LLC
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FINE-TUNED CANINES, LLC - Naples Florida and Fort Myers Florida dog training & dog psychology
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FINE-TUNED CANINES: Naples Florida Dog Training and Canine Behavior/Dog Psychology Counseling Services - serving Collier County (Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Florida) and Lee County (Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Florida) Naples Florida professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Collier County dog trainer and dog behaviorist
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Lexi Hayden is a proud Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

IACP is the only organization for canine professionals recommended by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

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Training Philosophy


Lexi believes in tailoring the training methods that she uses to the particular situation that exists for you and your dog at the time that you come to her for help. There are a myriad of training techniques and methods available for use as tools. She chooses the methods best suited to the situation after careful consultation with you and your dog to determine what training goals need to be accomplished. Some methods which may be suitable for a particular owner-dog combination may not be appropriate for another owner-dog duo. Because she has experience in using a variety of training methods, Lexi is able to put together a training package utilizing the appropriate methods for each client.

As a trainer Lexi is constantly expanding her knowledge and expertise by attending seminars and conferences, conversing with other professionals in the field, and keeping abreast of the latest trends and discoveries in her field through reading articles in the various dog training journals to which she subscribes. She is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. This organization recognizes that the goal of training is to produce a healthy, happy, well-adjusted, balanced dog able to function in a variety of environments and situations, and it does not endorse any one specific training method, instead recognizing the need to adapt the training methods to the particular situation.

No matter which methods that Lexi employs, the goal of training is the production or enhancement of a healthy relationship between owner and the dog. Correct training can produce a balanced dog that is confident in many situations, including new situations. Training can also create or reinforce a relationship wherein the dog looks to the owner for leadership in everyday life.

In addition, Lexi seeks in her training to foster good behaviors and eliminate unproductive ones on both sides of the owner-dog equationShe will not only be training your dog; she will also be helping you to understand how to reinforce the training she has provided once the dog is no longer under her tutelage. Training then becomes a lifelong activity for you and your dog which serves to maintain your dog’s skills through the use of repetition and reinforcement. Such training strengthens the bond between dog and owner.


It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.- Albert Einstein

Lexi Hayden's philosophy has another distinctive characteristic that makes her training stand out in the modern dog training world. Contemporary dog training theory and practice is characterized by the popularity of "training fads" which claim to use only "scientific methods".  Lexi, in contrast, while being thoroughly educated in the the theory and use of these methods, considers her work as a trainer to be the practice of an Art. Her natural empathy with and understanding of both the canine mind and canine emotions allows Lexi to make a unique connection with dogs. Just as a musician creates a "bridge" of understanding between the composer and the listener using the universal language of music, Lexi is able to create a bridge of understanding between human and canine as she practices her Art. This bridge allows Lexi to effectively teach dog and owner in a manner that is at once both refreshing and rewarding.