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Fine-tuned Canines, LLC
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FINE-TUNED CANINES, LLC - Naples Florida and Fort Myers Florida dog training & dog psychology
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FINE-TUNED CANINES: Naples Florida Dog Training and Canine Behavior/Dog Psychology Counseling Services - serving Collier County (Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Florida) and Lee County (Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Florida) Naples Florida professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Collier County dog trainer and dog behaviorist
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Lexi Hayden is a proud Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

IACP is the only organization for canine professionals recommended by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

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Board and Train dog training camps in Naples, Florida

FINE-TUNED CANINES exclusive Board and Train program in Southwest Florida for your dog makes your dog's learning experience a lot of fun.Southwest Florida Board and Train dog training camp...The humans receive training too - we train the dogs and then we educate and instruct the dog owners!

The Board and Train program is great both for dogs without any serious problems and also for dogs with some problems it is a balanced dog training boot camp experience. We now offer:

  • Board and Train TOTAL FINE-TUNING (2 weeks)

If you're not sure which option might work best for you, please contact us today, and we will be able to assist you and answer all your questions about the Board and Train programs, details and pricing.

For dogs with some more serious issues (for example aggression), we also offer Back to Balance Rehabilitation dog training program.

Your dog can receive professional training and have fun during Board and Train camp here in Naples, Florida!

Please click on an image to view our training movies.

Off-leash dog training and some more advanced obedience dog training:
Lexi Hayden's FINE-TUNED CANINES - Florida professional dog training and dog behavior counseling Off-leash dog training fun in Florida - FINE-TUNED CANINES (Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL area) 
FINE-TUNED CANINES' Board and Train canine makeovers:
Lexi Hayden's FINE-TUNED CANINES - Florida professional dog training and dog behavior counseling FINE-TUNED CANINES Naples, Florida dog training and dog psychology - Max the Standard Schnauzer at Board and Train dog training camp  Florida dog Board and Train training program - Un-leashing Oriole's potential - Bichon Frise male dog FINE-TUNED CANINES Florida Board and Train: Eli's adventures in Florida Florida dog Board and Train training program - FINE-TUNED CANINES: Brodie, the Golden Retriever male dog 
Swimming training for dogs and confidence building

 Treadmill exercise for our Board and Train canine students:

Dogs enjoying treadmill exercise and proper socialization - Florida Board and Train camp FINE-TUNED CANINES: Florida Board and Train program: Treadmill exercise for dogs 
Good manners:

  • Eli, a Shiloh Shepherd male and his fabulous owners honored us and came all the way from Alabama to take partEli the Shiloh Shepherd male FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train graduate. Eli came to Florida from Alabama to train with us. in FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train program. The movie shows some of Eli's skills after only 1 week of working together.
  • Brodie, a Golden Retriever male and his transformation during the FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train dog training camp in Florida...We were told that Brodie had been to a training program before coming to train with FINE-TUNED CANINES
  • One of our Board and Train canine graduates (Jackson, a Golden Retriever male puppy) showing off the skills he learned during a two week Board and Train program with FINE-TUNED CANINES in Florida

Please read about the requirements for your dog to be accepted for our Board and Train program 

Molly the Sounth African Boerboel female and FINE-TUNED CANINES BOard and Train graduate. Molly came to us to Naples, FL from West Palm Beach, FL to train with us.Sometimes our Board and Train dog training program may be the best solution for you and your dog.

Board and Train is the most economical way of training or solving behavioral problems when the training or behavioral modification necessary involves a substantial number of hours. In the Board and Train situation, because the dog is with Lexi virtually 24/7, the cost per hour of training decreases dramatically. We also accept payment plans (we accept all major credit cards).

Information about our exclusive Board and Train dog training programs:

  • The initial evaluation is ALWAYS the starting point. We believe that our Clients (both human and canine) deserve personal attention and should be treated as individuals, not as "just another client". We provide personalized service.  Read more
  • Your dog will be part of our family and will live with us in our house.
  • Your dog will be exposed to proper socialization experiences.
  • Your dog will have unlimited access to one-on-one training with Lexi during the Board and Train program. This means that your dog will receive a number of training sessions each day. Proper behaviors and good dog manners will be reinforced at all times, both during and between sessions.
  • Your dog will have access to group dog training with Lexi's own friendly, socialized, balanced, well-mannered and well-trained dogs. Lexi's dogs have lots of experience in helping other canines and take an active part is assisting in her training. Dogs learn a lot by mimicking and observing other dogs. By signing up for our premier Board and Train program, your dogs will be exposed to the best environment in which to unlearn bad habits and learn new good skills, proper manners, etc.
  • We do not accept more than 2-3 dogs at a time for our Board and Train program. This ensures that your dog will receive the proper amount of training, the right kind of attention and a high quality experience overall. Scheduling Board and Train program in advance is highly recommended to ensure a spot for your beloved canine companion.
  • Our Board and Train program, like all of our training services,  is always personalized to fit your dog's needs, temperament and energy level, and is tailored to achieve YOUR training goals.
  • Board and Train dog training program includes both training and problem solving.
  • After your dog completes the Board and Train program, you will receive professional instruction and training from us so that the training and behavior modification your dog has received will easily transfer to other environments. We train dogs and educate, counsel and guide their owners
  • We do not offer dog boarding ONLY. We only offer professional training through Board and Train that involves intense training for both a dog and the owners. Our Board and Train graduates are eligible Addison the Australian Shepherd female and FINE-TUNED CANINES Board and Train graduate.for Board and Brush up dog training camp and also Board, Brush and Beyond dog training camp.
  • After completion of the Board and Train program, our Board and Train Clients have exclusive access to boarding your dog with us in the future. We only board dogs who have completed this program and whose owners completed their part of the training as well.
  • Our Board and Train graduates that went through formal off-leash training also receive the VIP off-leash access and can enjoy off-leash freedom at our facility at the times when they come for boarding.
  • Our Board and Train canine students receive their dog training education in Southwest Florida (Naples, Florida - Collier County). It's a great learning experience and fun vacation for them at the same time! 

Send your dog to FINE-TUNED CANINES dog boarding school and your dog will learn a lot of good behaviors, manners and skills! You will learn too!


Board and Train Experience - read more about what type of experience we offer to our canine Board and Train campers and students


Which Clients can really benefit from our exclusive Board and Train dog training program?

Clients who:

  • do not have the time to train their dog(s) on their own
  • do not have the skill and knowledge to train their dog(s) on their own
  • have already tried to train their dog with other trainers or on their own without satisfactory results
  • have attempted to deal with various behavioral problems that their dog is experiencing and do not know how to solve them
  • have certain training goals and realize that the goals can be reached much more quickly by using a professional trainer
  • would like for their dog to be exposed to experiences and situations which it might otherwise never encounter - examples include socializing experiences, learning how to learn, building focus and drive, spending time among well-balanced and well-trained dogs, dancing (yes, we do that too), learning tricks, retrieving, and many more.
  • travel often and do not want to leave their dog in a traditional boarding facility where the dog gets only a few potty breaks, receives minimal or no exercise, often becomes anxious and nervous, and has no opportunity to learn good new behaviors
  • want to go on vacation but can't take their dog with them, and would like to give their dog an opportunity to enjoy a safe, fun and stimulating environment where he/she can enjoy a vacation too! (* we do NOT offer "boarding ONLY")



Please read more in FAQs

Shakti (Lexi Hayden's dog) with Cody the Golden Retriever male dog and a rescue dog from Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida (now living in his forever home)